Technical Translations – Complex Content for International Target Groups

The sales markets of many companies are now found in other countries. Thus it is necessary to deal with the topic of translation and localisation sooner or later. The content of contracts, product descriptions, websites and technical texts must be correctly transferred into the target languages and cultures. It becomes a challenge when, in addition to translating the content, it is also necessary to take into account sophisticated marketing statements and technical terminology. If statutory requirements and complex approval processes also apply, it is important to have a specialised partner.

LangCor Service GmbH is such a partner, which supports its clients on the route to new markets. It was founded in 2011 by Dr Matthias Kohn, Dr Gunnar Box and Thorsten Steffen. LangCor Service GmbH maintains a strong network that now consists of more than 900 external translators and experts around the world. In the case of technical translations, the aim is to find a subject specialist, who can reproduce the content of a text correctly in his or her native tongue. This applies whether the text is a pharmaceutical one that is subject to the regulations of the regulatory authorities, or a marketing text that should address customers in the respective target country. LangCor Service GmbH puts together the right team for each client project. Apart from the selection and coordination of the team, there is a further focus on subject-specific and client-specific terminology and on the quality assurance measures established together with the client. Team work, coordination and the correct procedure ensure the quality of each technical translation.

Thanks to the cooperation with partner companies from the area of communication science and technical documentation, the team also provides support in the run-up to translation. The objective of this cooperation is to render technical content into clear and comprehensible language. In this way, even difficult content becomes accessible to as many customers as possible and, above all, package leaflets become safer. In addition, standardisation is often possible for content that is repeated. Alongside better comprehensibility, in the ideal case there is also the nice side effect that the translation of such texts will be cheaper.

LangCor Service GmbH is thus a partner for all companies that wish to reach customers in other countries. Cooperation and transparency are the cornerstones of the LangCor philosophy. The objectives and internal language processes are discussed with each client in personal meetings and the cooperation is individually adjusted to the needs of the company. Client-specific terminology, quality assurance measures and the right subject specialists are brought together and regularly reviewed. Contact us!

We are at your disposal at any time for discussion at no obligation, for strategic planning of your translation processes or for translation requests.

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