Transparency and honesty

The transparency of the value chain and the quality of our services determine our action.
We place great value on fair cooperation between all involved.
Furthermore, it is important for us to understand the objectives and salient aspects of a project from the viewpoint of everyone involved. Honesty and transparency are essential prerequisites for this to happen.
This means the following in our daily work:

  • You will find that we have a project status that you can consult at any time and at your request we can send you regular information about the progress made.

  • All projects are processed according to standard procedures.
    You can of course look at these any time when we visit you.

  • Insight into the cost structure.
    We want to make our offers as clear as possible. Each individual item performed in the project is named and listed in the quotation. Thus you can see clearly which services you are receiving and how much they cost. If anything is ever unclear, please contact us and we will adjust it immediately.

  • It is very important to us that you know who is involved in working on your projects and what skills they have. We do not wish to be an anonymous and faceless “black box”, into which you place something without knowing what is going to happen to it. On request, you will receive all the CVs of the people involved, or we can organise a meeting if appropriate.

  • There are real human beings behind our services. However human beings can make mistakes. If the quality assurance measures that have been chosen are not able to prevent an error from occurring, they will be addressed and a joint solution will be sought among the team.

  • Interaction with our team. You can determine for yourself to want extent you wish to become integrated into the handling of your projects.

Please contact us if you have any questions. We are always at your disposal with further information.