Technical Translations

A specialist medical translation transfers the contents of a specialist text from a source language into the native language of the translator. The expert performing this work come from the relevant specialist sector (e.g. oncology, ophthalmology, cardiology, etc.) and take into account regulatory requirements as well as regional specifics. Our project management will coordinate the translation of your specialist texts by qualified experts and with the use of modern translation (CAT) tools. All steps of the jointly defined quality assurance process, for example the use of your in-house specialist terminology, will be taken into consideration.

We translate

  • out of and into all European languages (other languages on request)
  • exclusively via experts in the respective countries translating into their native language
  • specialist medical texts, for example information on medicinal products, reports of clinical trials, instructions for medical devices and medical technological equipment, etc.
  • with all current CAT tools (CAT = Computer-Assisted Translation)
  • into and out of all current formats (e.g. InDesign, FrameMaker, MS Office, etc.)
  • standardised XML documents (XHTML, SVG, TMX, XLIFF) as well as any XMS formats (CMS export formats, data exchange formats, metadata, etc.)

Please send us:

  • Your source texts
  • A list of your target languages and countries
  • Information about the target groups for your texts
  • Information about the linguistic style
  • Information about regulatory requirements
  • Your in-house specialist terminology
  • Information about your software formats

On the basis of this information, you will receive a localisation process that is adapted to your working procedures and our project management will coordinate the appropriate external experts.

We will also be happy to take over communications with your national subsidiaries and the respective national authorities.

Once we have introduced processes together will you, we will keep them on file and use them in all your comparable future projects.

You will receive a comprehensive service from us with respect to your specialist medical texts. This covers all steps from medical writing, to technical translations and finally to typesetting.

We aspire, by cooperating in partnership, to create a strong team of specialist translators and perfectly coordinated processes. Speak with us, our whole team is looking forward to your translation enquiry.