For us, innovation means the sensible and intelligent extension of existing processes by means of new approaches. We attach great importance to expanding our knowledge of current market developments and innovative approaches. For this reason, we are constantly checking, for example, whether new software solutions or methods have added value for our customers, external experts or our own internal processes. Our vision is to create the office of the future and to make it possible for all involved to work together in an optimum manner. Hence we are constantly looking for new solutions that bring us closer to this goal.

This ambition is reflected in the following aspects of our daily work:

  • In order to be able to evaluate the developmental trends in the field of data management and current translation technology, we are in constant contact with software developers. The knowledge thus gained is used to provide independent advice on software decisions to customers and external experts.

  • Our project management will take time after each project to check whether possibilities for improvement exist in the processes. These will be discussed, analysed and implemented in the team together with everyone involved

  • Our employees have explicit permission to test and evaluate new software solutions in a secure test environment. In doing so, we attach particular importance to potentially hidden “teething problems” and to user-friendliness.

We do not hide ourselves away from innovations, but see them as an opportunity to come a small step closer to our goal day by day.