Use of Software in Translation Processes

Various software solutions are available on the market to support the translation process.

Our specialist consultants will help you to select the right software solutions for your processes and will advise about everything from selection to implementation and how to deal with the programs day by day.

The benefits of these solutions include, for example:

  • Consistence of terminology and translation - Current programs have modules such as translation memories and terminology databases.

  • Cost savings and faster work - In the ideal case, a specialist translator can resort to already existing translations of identical segments when translating your source text.

  • Format-independent - Current software solutions can make various data formats, for example from the DTP sector, available for the translation process and thus make a key contribution to speeding up the whole localisation process. In such a case, the layout is separated from the content and thus segments that have already been translated in various formats can be reused. A well-managed content management system (CMS) is associated with significant advantages for a company.

  • Project management - Good software solutions from this specialised sector mostly have integrated project management in order to lead all persons involved in the process efficiently through defined workflows.

  • Quality control - The appropriate use of integrated software solutions provides extended possibilities for quality assurance. Thus, some programs offer checking tools that go beyond a simple spell check, for example they ensure the correct use of terminology and punctuation.

  • Version management - When the versions are changed, often there are only small changes between the documents. Nevertheless, these changes must be transferred to all the languages. Some programs support this complex process and enable greatly reduced throughput times.

We will analyse your current internal and external workflows in the localisation of technical texts up to the finished language version. Our independent technical experts will advise you on the choice of software that is suitable for you in order to improve the possibilities of this localisation process. We will help you with the induction and training of your employees.

Our sales team is looking forward to your call without obligation on your part.