Writing for patients

Medical writers at LangCor Service GmbH create texts for patients. The task is to “translate” complicated medical expertise into simple language. We are specialists in such “translation”.

We pass on this expertise in our training courses. Our trainers will teach your employees about useful tools and about how best to prepare information for lay people.

We deal with the following topics in the training:

  • Specialist terminology and lay terms - How to translate information into simple speech?
  • Linguistic style – What are the effects of various styles, such as a personal approach, for example?
  • Information design – how to prepare information for patients?
  • Information content – how to recognise information that is of relevance to patients?
  • Supporting tools – which software solutions will support the work of an author?
  • Hard facts – Sentence length and verbal complexity – what effects do they have?
  • Standardisation of sentences – What are their advantages in creation and translation?
  • Communication in various media – How to adjust text for the Internet, brochures, package leaflets?

Personal conversation is at the forefront of our training. During this conversation, we will define together which focus points should be included in the training. On request, the training can also take into consideration texts from your communications with patients.

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