Creation of Package Leaflets (PLs)

LangCor Service GmbH will create your package leaflets.
Our medical writing teams will turn the contents of your SmPC into a patient-friendly package leaflet (PL).
In doing this, we take into account the following:

The package leaflet must be not only scientifically accurate and compliant with regulatory requirements, but must also satisfy the requirements for patient-friendliness. In order to achieve this, we work with methods from communications science when writing the leaflets. The procedure provides our medical writers with support to enable scientific content to be expressed in a way that patients can understand. Thus you will receive a patient-friendly package leaflet.

Our team for the creation of your package leaflets consists of:

  • A medical writer, who prepares the rough draft
  • A second medical writies, who checks the draft for completeness, scientific accuracy and regulatory compliance
  • A team of communications scientists, who check comprehensibility and draw up suggestions for optimisation.

The team works together to create a package leaflet that is scientifically accurate, compliant with regulatory requirements and comprehensible. You will also receive a final comprehensibility analysis from us.

We will be happy to integrate your medical writer into the process. Contact us.