LangCor Service GmbH supports you in your bridging projects. Bridging means the transfer of the results of Readability User Tests (RUT), which have already been performed, to similar package leaflets (bridging). The following documents are taken into account in our bridging projects:

A bridging report contains a separate comparison of similar package leaflets in terms of content, layout and linguistic style.
In this way, we establish in a descriptive manner why no specific study is necessary.

In order to discuss the possibility of bridging, we need your to supply us with the typeset package leaflet and existing readability user tests.

We will also review for you the results for national authorisations in individual EU Member States in order to transfer across language barriers.

Our experts will be happy to assist you to develop a comprehensive bridging strategy for your entire European product portfolio.
They will determine what will be your most cost-effective approach to readability compliance for all your product information.